These materials are key to building a socially and environmentally responsible company. Although it is not the only important element, they represent a significant impact. Nowadays, there are different sustainable or low-impact materials available in the apparel manufacturing industry.

what are low impact materials?

  • Natural fibers from cellulose or protein (plants and animals)
  • Natural polymers such as Tencel or modal
  • Recycled and regenerated fibers
  • Vegan leather
  • Innovative materials

Is important to be critical and decide with a holistic perspective aligned to the mail goals of the business or project.

Don’t forget to take into account all the steps of the life cycle, assuring the coherence of the products and its impacts.

Vegan leather

Traditional leather has a large impact on the environment, or even people’s lives due to unethical practices as well as the use of toxic substances, and practices linked with animal cruelty.

Its impacts begin with the significant carbon footprint that tanning and dying processes cause, given that highly toxic substances are used. 

However, new vegan alternatives have been created, which prove less harmful. 

Vegan leather is a sustainable and resistant material that mimics the aspect, texture, and flexibility of an animal leather but with a cruelty free option.



Piñatex is one of the many examples of great sustainable practices as well as innovations to build a promising future for the fashion industry.

It is a subproduct from the pineapple harvest, and doesn’t require any extra resources. Moreover, its production generates an extra income for the Philippine farmers.

Piñatex® is produced under an ecological toxic free scheme and with a circular system where every waste is reused and re integrated to the process.

We must remember that the use of sustainable materials is a key point for this transition, although is not the only perspective to join the fight for climate change!

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