Planetary Boundaries

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Nowadays we come across company objectives focused only on financial objectives, however, there are many factors that are not considered and that today imply limits to growth, this is the case of planetary boundaries.

Bretton Woods Conference

This conference was held between the victors of the Second World War to define new world directions and a new order.

At this meeting the exchange of currencies and the international monetary bank were born. With this, a world economy is sought to be created in order to seek welfare from an ideal of a “land infinitely blessed with natural riches”.

In this context it is important to consider that the colonizing countries continue with the exploitation of goods and resources in their colonies without the concession of a land with clearly finite resources and without contemplating the necessary regeneration circuits of the planet for its equilibrium.

Resources are renewable but not finite, their overexploitation means depleting the resource to the point of extinction, which compromises the well-being of the planet and humanity.

Pulse Of The Fashion Industry - Boston Consulting Group & Global Fashion Agenda

Pulse of The Fashion Industry

Pulse of The Fashion Industry is a report created by Boston Consulting Group & The Global Fashion Agenda. started in 2017, being the first-time sustainability was monetized.

In this report, the misuse of resources with the risk of depleting them is highlighted. Because the planet’s resources are finite and we are not respecting the natural cycles so that it can regenerate, the risk is to end them.

With this we are encountering for the first-time price increases in raw materials due to the excess of demand in relation to the planet’s production capacities.

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Today the limits are already exceeded. We are also in a process of acceleration in which the use of resources, water, soil, etc. is increasing. An example of this acceleration is the 56 collections per year created by fast fashion brands.

Today, not being sustainable is not profitable, resources have a limit and putting them at risk is not only dangerous for the planet’s subsistence but also implies a financial risk by depleting the resources we work with.

Hoy no ser sostenible no es rentable, los recursos tienen un límite y el ponerlos en riesgo no es únicamente peligroso para la subsistencia del planeta sino también implican un riesgo financiero al agotar los recursos con los que trabajamos.

Sustainability allows us to make an intelligent use of resources to ensure their permanence over time.

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