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smart packaging

possibilities for improvement

In recent years we have seen exponential growth in the impact of packaging, as well as the opportunities that exist through packaging with recycling initiatives and security applications. We tell you a little more about it!

Connected packaging

Connected packaging is defined as interactive packaging that facilitates the relationship with the consumer through smartphones or Wi-Fi with elements and technologies such as QR codes, RFID tags and NFC chips.

This helps brands to amplify and enhance the connection with their users to take the potential that exists in packaging a little further.

Its applications range from visualizing transparency systems in the production chain, providing information about the product, knowing the history of the brand or creating augmented reality experiences that allow building a richer relationship.

These packages amplify the opportunities that exist to connect with audiences by offering new possibilities as functional media or transparency tools, which can be incredibly useful for consumers and producers.


Innovations for connected packaging

We share with you some technologies and developments that can help you potentiate the use of your packaging:

  • QR codes
  • RFID tags
  • NFC
  • Augmented Reality Packaging
  • NFT’s

QR codes

QR codes resurfaced with the pandemic due to the need for experiences that do not involve physical contact. 

The exponential increase in their use has made this technology a great tool to integrate into packaging.

QR codes allow us to expand the information we give the customer about our product

An example of this was the Burberry store in Shenzhen where QR codes located on garment labels were used to add an experience that linked the virtual world with the physical world. 

Users could unlock additional product content through this.

The Food Tech


RFIDs are characterized by the use of radio frequencies for identification. 

This technology can be visibly integrated into packaging allowing it to communicate with users and smartphones.

Each package has a unique ID that, unlike the QR code where it has to be physically scanned, an RFID only needs to be close to the user to communicate.

NFC chips

An NFC (Near field communication technology) is often used in contactless payment systems where information is shared by bringing objects within a range of approximately 5 cm, offering security in your transaction.

These chips also have the potential to offer return and reuse options by adding traceability systems, among other applications.

AR packaging

Technologies such as extended reality, virtual reality and augmented reality are reaching previously unseen levels of popularity. It is estimated to reach a market value of 250 billion US by 2028.

Augmented reality has a particularly great potential in its application for packaging and can change the way we interact with packaging. 

This tool allows us to create experiences that combine the virtual and digital worlds with incredible results.


Finally, as part of this quest to continue strengthening the ties between the physical world and virtual reality, we have the NFT’s

These offer the possibility of including unbreakable transparency systems using blockchain technology as well as creating interactions of experiences that can link objects and actions of the physical world with the virtual world.

There is no doubt that new technologies offer us the possibility not only to transition in our current models but to enhance the systems through which the industry works today to create better products, closer and more assertive relationships with consumers, as well as continue to expand the horizons of design and business.

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