Sustainability: what is it really about?

Sustainability is a word usually used to describe processes and activities that are responsible for people and the environment. But, do we really know what it means? 

This word is frequently used by media, brands, and consumers as a generalizer for responsible practices without really understanding it extend

Sustainability comes from the idea of Sustain, as well as it´s possibility to endure.

It involves processes and actions that can perdure thought time without exhaust resources.

Sustainable actions lead us toward a sustainable development

3 pillars of sustainability

Sustainability is based on 3 pillars: social, environmental, and financial. 

A sustainable project can create actions such as utilizing organic materials, having a recycled packaging as well as integrating processes and actions that embrace systemic changes to ensure its durability through time. 

Sustainable development was firs implemented in 1987 by the  Brundtland Report.

The report portrayed the search of a balance that encompassed social and economic progress, ensuring a healthy and productive life for people without compromising the future generations and their needs.

Sustainable development goals

The sustainable development goals approved by the 2030 agenda were stablished by United Nations in 2015. 

These goals help us understand sustainability and its importance. 

This 17 goals work under the 3 pillars of sustainability.

They take on count a global vision that comprehends; from the elimination of poverty and inequality to the fight for climate change, stablishing the milestones for a better world.

sustainability is not an enemy to progress, technology, or profitable and scalable businesses.  

Corporate sustainability is a new path to create proposals, projects, and businesses in a more intelligent way, with a better use of resources, creating smart processes to ensure resilience.



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