What is responsible design?

We have heard many terms for the diverse philosophies that sustainability comprehends, but do you know what responsible fashion means?

Responsible design encompasses an integral vision aligned to the 3 pillars of sustainability: the economic, environmental, and social one.

The 4th revolution is a great ally for responsible design, finding new paths using technology as an axle for development. The 4th revolution permits us to explore new perspectives of responsible design and low impact manufacturing that include sector integration, collaborative work, and the application of new technologies. 

One of the approaches of responsible design which tries to solve great issues of industries Is circular design.

Circular design

Circular design is a discipline that work under a regenerative approach, this is part of the proposals that exists to transition from a linear economy to a circular one.

This proposes a design process taking on count every part of the lifecycle of a product, from the extraction of raw material to the use, care and disposal, with an important goal: to extend its life reinserting it in the chain of value. 

Circularity can be addressed from the product, creating objects that can be reinserted and reintegrated even to the natural cycles of earth without creating any damage.  

A second option is to implement recycling or reuse principles to reintegrate products to the chain of value keeping them on the market and extending their usability as much as possible. 

A great example of responsible design through a proposal that retakes circular design is Eco Alf, a Spanish enterprise created by Javier Goyeneche in 2012 to implement innovation in recycled fashion. 

Eco Alf uses technology, sustainability, and collaborative work to create high performance sustainable products with an incredible quality.

Through their foundation, Eco Alf has created a project with an international scope where collaborators and allies, from the fishing industry and fisherman’s, textile fabricants, recycling enterprises and users work together to clean the oceans.

The recovered waste from the sea function as the raw material to create high performance garments repurposing plastic waste and giving them a second life. 

Eco Alf is one of the best examples of the potential that remains in circularity and responsible design. 

¡Find new method tu join responsible design!

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